The issue


Your client cannot read satisfactorily with the new progressive lenses.!

Sweet Spot Analyzer is a problem solver that is guaranteed to find out where the problem is, and you can thus easily solve your client’s problem in a professional way.
Sweet Spot Analyzer finds the personal progressive corridor length for your client, as well as the perfect pupil distance which ensures a binocular vision at distance and near. You can use Sweet Spot Analyzer every time you adapting progressive lenses, or just when problems arise. We guarantee that the problems will be solved on the first try, and every time you use it.

For 40 years we have been told to use the far pupillary distance to get the best fitting of progressive lenses, and for 40 years we have repeatedly heard the same complaints from the users no matter how sophisticated tools for measuring we use. Many clients cant find the reading point!

This new tool and iPad app ensures accurate and perfect mounting according to the critical reading point. This fit will increase the field of vision by up to 100%. To get a satisfied client every time, you need to find the “sweet spot” that is the exact reading point that is most physiologically suitable for your client. This tool will do the job for you.

How do clients respond to the Sweet Spot Analyzer fitting?:


If we were all static people, you can continue to mount progressive lenses as you use to, after the distance pupils, but we are not. We read all in different positions. We read in a slightly or much oblique angle, we are tilting our head more or less, and we are holding our arms in different positions. The reading point is the size of the little fingernail, so it is vital that this point is properly mounted according to your clients posture and convergence.

The Sweet Spot Analyzer™ finds the physiologically best reading point according to the clients naturally posture and convergence. It has been developed through a two-year collaboration with professional optometrists and employees from the optical lens industry, and over 1,400 spectacle wearers have participated in the development of the Sweet Spot Analyzer™. At the same time, many clients do not have full utilization of their progressive lenses, and will for that reason, look for a new supplier for their glasses. Be prepared for loyal and more satisfied customers! This is a real game changer for the optical business

When you, as optician dispenser, are measuring the fitting for progressive lenses, there is a basis for numerous errors, and the most common problems are related to reading when the client has received the new pair of glasses. Many clients are reading at a skew angle, and because of this, the reading point does not fit correctly with the client’s natural posture.


In progressive lenses the small reading area is the critical point, not the distance area.

To get the most optimal fit, the lenses should be placed according to the users’ reading point, and not the far pupillary distance. Many suffer with progressive lenses, and read with only one eye at a time, because of wrong fitting, and many suffer from back and neck problems due to incorrect fitting.

Many of those clients will never be satisfied with their new glasses and will just use another optical store next time.

Another issue is the length of the corridor. If you don´t read through the reading area, but use the intermediate zone, you will experience an extremely limited reading area, or you will lift your head in an uncomfortable position, followed by neck and back problems.

This tool reveals exactly the length of the generic progressive corridor for the best possible physiological reading area (the Sweet Spot), so all in all, with this tool you will measure the far pupillary distance to use for ordering your lenses, and the correct choice of corridor length. No need to analyze the old lens design or the previous manufacturer, and it takes no more than three seconds to fit the tool correctly on the frame, and a few seconds to take the picture with your iPad.

Have confidence in the tool, and be aware that you are going to deliver the best progressive lenses for your client ever.


“We have used The Sweet Spot Analyzer™ and we are extremely pleased with the outcome. 
Patients taking on their new glasses can immediately read without habituation.
We have not had a single complaint since we started using the Sweet Spot Analyzer™.”

“Since we began using The Sweet Spot Analyzer™, our customers are happier  than ever. Our success rate is more or less 100%, and many tell us they are their best glasses ever. We save money and time, and have nothing but happy and smiling customers.”


With The “Sweet Spot Analyzer™“, you get the optimal result every time, and your client will get the best pair of glasses ever. Trust us when we say this will be your favorite tool in your store, and you will quickly forget how you measured pupillary distance in the past. Computer, tablet and paper reading will be just as easy as intended.

Download our app “Sweet Spot Analyzer™” from The App Store, and use your iPad PRO 10.5″ or 11,5″. First month will be free of charge. Previous iPad models will not give the clear picture which we aspire. DO NOT USE LARGER IPAD´S THAN 11,5″.

As long you are a subscriber to our app, we will support you all day until you are confident with the tool, but trust us when we say, it’s easy, safe and takes less than one minute to use.

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