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Sweet Spot Analyzer™ finds the physiological best reading point according to your natural body and head posture and eye convergence. Sweet Spot Analyzer™ has been developed through a two-year collaboration with professional opticians and employees from the optical eyeglass industry. More than 1400 spectacle carriers have participated in the development. This is a real game changer. You should never buy new progressive glasses without the Sweet Spot measurement.



  • Optimal field at reading, using computer, and reading in a book
  • You avoid neck issues as your glasses are measured more accurately
  • Increases the width of the reading zone by up to 100%
  • Never look for the best reading point, it will come automatically


You probably know the issue. You have got new progressive glasses and feel you should look for the best reading point in your new glasses, or the reading point is very narrow. You might think this is normal when using progressive lenses. Nothing can be more wrong, your reading point should come to you naturally and should be wide enough.

You can now easily test yourself if your glasses are working properly and see if there is room for improvement.

  • Take on your progressive glasses
  • First, check if your view is similar on both eyes when you look at distance
  • Now read something small in a book
  • Then close one eye
  • Close the other eye without moving your head
  • If it’s the same quality on both eyes, everything is just perfect
  • If there is a difference between your two eyes, something can be seriously wrong



If you have more or less the same vision at the distance, it’s important that you have roughly the same vision on near. You may risk a “lazy eye” that is very unhealthy for your entire visual system. If you have a permanent reduced vision of one eye, it is of course other factors that come into play. Optimally, it’s only if both of your eyes interact at all distances. Only a Sweet Spot measurement can ensure optimum spectacle solution, so you do not have to look for the best reading point while ensuring optimal interaction between your eyes.


“For many years I have had big problems with my progressive glasses, but when I got new glasses with this measurement, everything works perfectly. For the first time, I’ve got full value for my spectacle investment. I am happy.”

“I have had a number of neck problems for many years and spent many hours at a chiropractor. When the optician told me about this new technique, I had high expectations for the result. 1 month after my new glasses my neck problems are past, and I am completely stopped with painkillers. It’s a whole new world for me”

“I have often complained about my limited field of view, even though I always buy the most expensive eyeglasses for more than Euro 1000,00. The optician showed me my picture of my views where it was clear to see I read at an oblique angle and therefore did not use my reading area correctly. She made new glasses for me, and I could see everything again, just as I expect with a pair of glasses for more than Euro 1000. Thank you for the help ”

“The best glasses ever! Period!”


If you want new progressive glasses, it is important that you require a Sweet Spot measure at your optician, otherwise you will not get the best solution. It does not matter if you buy expensive or cheaper eyeglasses. Our world-patented solution cannot be copied, and there is no other way to find your personal Sweet Spot no matter how sophisticated instruments there are used. Talk to your optician about your problems and refer to this page. Look forward to buying new progressive glasses with a perfect view again.